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Data Transformation

Get a grasp on a large variety of agricultural-relevant data: sensor, satellite, and drone data. Cloud-based processing makes it easily collect, process, and store data for further analysis. Data heterogeneity is supported out of the box and data transformation pipelines scale according to your company’s needs.

Cloud-based processing tools integrate on top of existing smart sensor technology platforms and with different data transmission frameworks. Data processing becomes possible in real-time thanks to low-cost, proven tools which are widely available: sensor technologies, wireless connectivity, and data processing software.

Visualization & Integration

Leverage collected data using popular BI solutions, customized for a variety of users. Code-free dashboards enable interactive visualizations for executives and management staff. Exploit real-time insights for monitoring areas of interest and keep crucial assets under close supervision: be it soil, water, or crop conditions.

Business Intelligence is now accessible across the entire organization: from technical, to management and executive staff. Both large-scale and smallholder farmers benefit: sensor measurements and their accurate interpretation lead to significant improvements of agriculture ecosystems.

Predictive Analytics

Maximize growing conditions, automatically detect problem areas, receive real-time recommendations and minimize waste. Agricultural optimization becomes possible thanks to advanced algorithms that learn from tens of environmental variables. No need for any guesswork, when predictive models can integrate basic variables (such as temperature, humidity, and light) as well as advanced ones (earth observation data, soil & water quality measures).

Predictive technologies are crucial for removing uncertainty from the future and for minimizing operational costs. They transform on-farm data into a real asset and empower farmers to leverage predictions for some of their most challenging decisions: from seed choice to application of fertilizers.

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