September 13, 2019

The 4 Data Questions Every CU Leader Needs to Answer

Increased consolidation and competition require that credit unions today adopt a new strategy. The winners in this emerging landscape will be institutions that leverage data and prediction across their organization. Data-driven decision making, made possible by the decreased cost of prediction, allows adopting credit unions to highlight their advantages to customers and run more profitably and efficiently.  But to get to this promised land, all […]
September 13, 2019

The Evolution of Data Architecture: Intro

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…which happened to spin off massive amounts of data. Man took that data and started using it to make business decisions. In order to effectively understand the past and make accurate predictions for the future, this data needed to be stored and processed. Thus data architecture came to be.  Allegories aside, we live in an era […]
July 13, 2019

Data Architecture: Legacy Edition

What is BI? Business intelligence is best defined by its end goal: Making better business decisions. In Wikipedia’s parlance, BI “enables more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making” [3]. To do this, we need two things: data and a way to understand it. Data Architecture Matters So, making good, well-informed decisions is the goal. Performing queries, drawing graphs, training models and making predictions […]