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Data Science is changing how banks make decisions

Blue Orange helps banks implement prediction into daily operations. From customer experience to executive reporting, Blue Orange delivers strategic clarity, unified infrastructure, and actionable insights.

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Download our 2020 Guide to Data-Driven Leading, which was recently featured on "Financial Ed Inc" webinar to discover how your bank can take advantage of the best data-driven solutions to optimize lending. It is our how-to guide for reducing risk and driving profits with secure cloud environments and the application of advanced analytics.
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Customer Lifetime Value

Improve customer lifetime value by using marketing data to deliver timely and personalized customer experiences. Reduce customer churn, recommend relevant products, and provide elite customer service.

Data-Driven Lending

Use modern analytics to optimize and automate lending approvals while decreasing risk. Data-driven lending can improve risk management even with customers that FICO doesn’t cover.

Dynamic Product Pricing

Improve profitability and competitive pricing with detailed product price modeling. Use realtime data to ensure pricing changes with the markets.

Risk Management

Make managing risk easy by extracting valuable insights from your banks data. Use newfound insights to evaluate, manage, and reduce various risks. Produce risk reports, map finances, and asses financial reports.

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No Vendor Lock-In

Don't get tied to a vendor. With Blue Orange you get custom data science architecture and services that are unique to your bank. This allows you to own your data and enable future scalability, whether you stay with us or develop internal teams.

Invest in Your Bank, Not IT

Blue Orange provides services on a pay for what you use basis. Avoid costly IT projects and put money back into your bank. Allowing you to better serve customers, unlock new revenue streams, and create new products and offerings.

Secure Cloud Environment

Building in AWS cloud services allows Blue Orange to provide the security and compliance measures that matter most to banks. Control who has access and visibility to sensitive customer, and bank data. Also take advantage of pre-built, audit friendly features for PCI, ISO, and other compliance standards.

End-to-End Implementation

With our expertise and services, Blue Orange has the ability to aid in every step of the analytics process. This includes data warehousing, business intelligence, and machine learning. We enable your bank to obtain advanced insights from your data.

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