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Financial Services


Supply Chain & Revenue Predictions for Pharmaceuticals

The Challenge A Private Equity firm needed to predict quarterly pharmaceutical revenue for the next quarter in terms of doctors...

Financial Services

Sales Optimization in Private Equity

PHASE 1: Data Transformation The Challenge A leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, with over $20B under management, requested...



Marketing Optimization For Energy Company

How do you know what works in marketing? Without the answer to that question, your marketing team is stuck with...


Marketing Optimization for Fortune 500 Bank

Client: Fortune 500 Bank Sector: Finance Vertical: Marketing Optimization Model: Upper Confidence Bound/Epsilon-Greedy The Challenge A Fortune 500 Bank needed...


HR Automated

The Problem A fortune 500 Hedge Fund was looking to quantify beneficial hiring characteristics and to develop predictive hiring indicators...

Financial Services

Automated Deal Sourcing Platform

Sales Optimization in Private Equity Phase 2 & 3 Results PHASE 2: Data Visualization and Integration PHASE 3: Predictive Analytics...


Digital Transformation of Government Documents

The Challenge Govzilla is a leading data processing company using Big Data and AI to make government data accessible, usable,...


Removing Bias from Hiring with Natural Language Processing

THE CHALLENGE Resumes are inconsistent. Even the best OCR parsing leaves you with lots of messy and unstructured data. Then,...

Financial Services

Next Generation Record Linkage

THE CHALLENGE At the start of every data project, there are numerous separate data sources that alone offer limited analytical...

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