Streamlining Data Pipelines and Analytics for Vetta Brands

Vetta Brands, a private equity-backed leader in licensed NCAA merchandise, faced the challenge of unifying multiple ERP data sources following a series of acquisitions. The company sought to support comprehensive data analysis to enhance various business functions using PowerBI.

Improving PE Deal Sourcing with Automation Platform

A leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, managing over $20 billion, faced significant challenges with their existing deal sourcing platform. They engaged Blue Orange Digital to conduct an end-to-end data audit, aiming to evolve the platform into a scalable, unified sourcing tool equipped with consistent architecture and advanced data capabilities. The goal was to integrate data from four newly acquired CRM/ERP systems, each previously operating independently, which led to obscured visibility and coordination within the firm’s sales processes.

Modernizing Analytics for Robbins Bros. Jewelry

Robbins Bros. Jewelry, a prominent California-based retailer specializing in engagement rings, faced significant challenges with their legacy business intelligence systems. The company sought to enhance its marketing and operational analytics by transitioning to a more modern, integrated analytics environment.

Streamlining Allocation Processes at Heaven Hill Distilleries

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., a distinguished family-owned business, is renowned for producing some of Kentucky’s most celebrated bourbons, including Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, and Rittenhouse. The company’s legacy of craftsmanship and quality is matched by its commitment to modernizing its business operations.

Copilot for Insights on Tungsten Marketplace

In a strategic partnership, Blue Orange Digital developed Copilot for Insights, an innovative AI-powered interface integrated into the Tungsten Marketplace. This solution is part of the TotalAgility 8 suite, designed to enhance the capabilities of knowledge workers by providing instant access to crucial data insights during live processes.

Enhancing Financial Model Evaluations for Varde Partners

Varde Partners, a prominent global alternative investment adviser, faced challenges in streamlining the financial model evaluations conducted by their investment team.