Digital Transformation of Government Documents

author Josh Miramant January 1, 2020

The Problem

Govzilla is a leading data processing company using Big Data and AI to make government data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone who needs it. Top Pharma Companies, Food Manufacturers, Medical Device Companies, and Service firms look for a unified view dashboard to track and identify compliance issues. They needed a modern data environment with automated document ingestion to support large varied document ingesting and classification.

Sector Healthcare

Vertical Big Data Processing

Infrastructure Data Lake

Case Study

Blue Orange developed a custom data lake to support high throughput, fault tolerant, and performant data infrastructure. Due to the large and varied data volumes, Govzilla required detailed data cataloging. We implemented this using AWS Glue and stored our formations in S3.

We included numerous optical character recognition and natural language processing services to support highly variable data ingestion and quality. We also used implemented topic modeling and keyword extraction to documents extract pertinent ‘infraction’ data.

Our team supported the existing data engineering team in learning the modern AWS data architecture and helped them get up to speed on the implemented data patterns.

Automation AWS Big Data data lake Government Healthcare NLP

Full-service data transformation to make it easy to get from raw data to insights.

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