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author Josh Miramant January 10, 2020

The Problem

A leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, with over $20B under management, requested an end-to-end data audit for their deal platform. They were looking to evolve the platform to make a scalable and unified sourcing tool with consistent architecture and infrastructure. They wanted an independent third-party to assess the technical decisions made to date in the development.

Sector Finance

Vertical Big Data Processing

Infrastructure AWS Data Lake

Case Study

Blue Orange conducted a technical audit of the platform using the principles of the AWS well-architected framework. We found significant room for improvements across the application including: optimizing the data pipeline; increasing database performance, scalability, and security by redesigning the storage pattern; implementing best practice data governance; identifying clear opportunities for cost savings; enhancing operational excellence.

At the conclusion of the audit, Blue Orange secured a development contract to implement the identified findings and improvements and oversee the existing development team. The goal was to develop a best practice, production application of modern AWS data architecture and augment analyst decision making.

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