November 11, 2020
Compass Sales Solution - Case study

Due Diligence Audit – Case Study

The Problem A middle-market PE firm needed help integrating 4 acquired CRM/ERP companies. They introduced Blue Orange to the CEO of the merged company to provide architectural guidance on their data infrastructure to support unified data and sales optimization. Due to disparate data sets, the company had no insight into the efficacy of their upper funnel engagement or attribution across their sales cycle.  Case Study […]
February 5, 2020
Marketing Optimization Energy

Marketing Optimization For Energy Company

How do you know what works in marketing? Without the answer to that question, your marketing team is stuck with guesswork and hope. If you are launching a brand new product or company, you may have limited data. However, established companies can leave guessing behind. Our client, who has revenues of approximately $33.5 billion in the energy industry, has a global brand and leverages many […]
May 4, 2018
Advanced Sensor Analytics Platform

Advanced Sensor Analytics Platform

The Problem PingThings was a startup looking to build a real-time platform to leverage machine-learning for physical systems on the electric utility grid and high-value industrial assets such as GSU transformers and step-down transformers. They wanted an analytics platform to track sensor data, focusing on storing and manipulating time-series data and modeling complex relationships between synchrophasors’​ high-resolution signals. Sector Energy Vertical Analytics Model LightGBM/XGBoost Case […]