January 21, 2022
Machine Learning & Data Transformation for Performance Management & Enterprise OKRs

Machine Learning & Data Transformation for Performance Management & Enterprise OKRs

Introduction The client is an OKR (Objective and Key Results) software startup that improves employee engagement and project success by aligning people, strategy, and results. The company was looking to re-architect their data platform to meet the requirements of a new segment of large enterprise customers. The client planned to expand their platform capabilities to compete with other vendors offering continuous performance management.  Their technical […]
February 17, 2021
Automated Home healthcare referral with ML Case Study

Automated Referral Processing for Home Healthcare Provider

The Client The client is one of the largest home-based care organizations nationwide. The company launched in 2018 as a merger between three respected home healthcare providers. At the time of the merger, it already served more than 65,000 patients daily and employed about 32,500 caregivers. The three-way merger had a clear focus of building a longitudinal care platform, which could serve patients across the […]
November 18, 2020
OptioRx - Case study

Pharmacy Revenue Prediction for OptioRx with Azure Pipeline

The Problem OptioRx, a private equity-backed owner and operator of specialty compound pharmacies, needed to predict quarterly pharmaceutical revenue to improve revenue planning and predict fraud. The primary challenge was that the data contained significant seasonality with irregularities occurring in both doctor and pharmacy level data.  Blue Orange was brought in to create a production model that could be integrated into price forecasting. Due to […]