Optimize Your Construction and Real Estate Operations with Data-Driven Insights

Our team of Blue Orange experts is ready to enhance and optimize your current Analytics and Business Intelligence Reporting Strategy with versatile data infrastructures. These solutions improve the implementation, optimization, and visualization of your data, leading to real-time enterprise reporting that empowers better decision-making.


Leverage data to optimize Construction & Real Estate projects and portfolios for improved outcomes.

We leverage your Construction & Real Estate data to mitigate risk and optimize operational costs. Using cloud technology and advanced analytics, teams can increase accessibility to project and market data, enabling real-time decision making and efficient operations through smart automation and machine learning.

Advanced Analytics for Enhanced Construction & Real Estate Decision Making

Data-Driven Bidding Strategies for Improved Performance

Precision bidding and increased sales rely on effective data management and user-friendly tools for data collection and sharing.


Unlock Your Operational Potential with Advanced Analytics

Transform Your Business Insights with Comprehensive Unified Reporting

Integrate data from top tools like Procore, ERPs, and CRMs for a unified view of real-time reporting and ad hoc analysis.


Maximize Your Financial Performance with Advanced Modeling Techniques

Improve supply chain and business planning, anomaly detection, and compliance by predicting quarterly and annual revenue. Accurate revenue and demand forecasts rely on an integrated cross-cloud platform that connects managers, staff, and the global market.


Optimize Your Business Management and Collaboration with Data-Driven Insights

Enhance project management and interactive collaboration with seamless communication across web, phone, and in-person channels using cloud-based integrations.


Gain a Competitive Edge with Advanced Market Analysis Solutions

Make informed investment decisions based on comprehensive analysis of market trends, values, and returns from various data streams. Historical data from investments, purchases, and rentals paints a clear picture to strategically position your company.


Enhance Your Property Valuation with Advanced Analytics and Insights

Assess property value for investment or home improvement decisions. Utilize advanced analytics to determine the most profitable updates based on historical, geographical, and real-time information.


Efficient Property Management

Transform your investment property management with seamless integration and advanced process automation technology. Automate repetitive administrative tasks, accelerate onboarding of new residents, and ensure timely processing of invoices and payments.