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Data Transformation

Unify data from siloed platforms and excel sheets into a flexible modern cloud-based data environment. This allows for accurate reporting, easier data management, additional third-party data integration, and the expansion of analytic capabilities to reduce risk, improve KPI visibility, and achieve better project outcomes.

Expand risk assessments and understand project outcomes better by integrating more data into the equation.

Visualization & Integration

Integration solutions allow information to automatically transfer in real-time between Salesforce, Autodesk, Procore, and Excel into leading BI Tools. Construction professionals can leverage advanced BI tools to gain a quick, clear understanding of project patterns and correlations through data visualizations with transparent reporting.

Templatized dashboards utilizing modern data analytics fed by supplier information, market data, and connected devices will bring confidence and accuracy to your decision-making. Historical cost analysis, market data, and BIM integrations are fed into an ML-enabled feedback loop creating an ever-improving prediction model for project budgets, bid analysis, and financial modeling. Blue Orange leverages industry-leading tools like PowerBI, Tableau, and Looker.

Predictive Analytics

With modern data infrastructure in place, advanced analytics becomes easy. Our predictive analytic technologies enable construction financial managers to model multiple scenarios, build real-time “what if” financial forecasts, and mitigate risks before they happen. Forecast spending, equipment needs, staffing, supplies, and project ROI.

Predictive analytics enable proactive insight to manage labor, reduce vendor risks, and streamline workflows with automation. The results of this analytics work can integrate into existing tools to support the network of construction staff, project managers, and suppliers by augmenting complex expert decision-making capabilities to improve prediction and process automation.


Precision Bidding

Increased sales through precision bidding is dependent on good data management and the ease of the tools to collect and share it.

Operational Optimization

Systematize operations and processes via intelligent automation and real-time visibility into project workflows and supply chains.


Utilize the power of machine learning to improve historical cost estimation, project planning, and bid assessment.

Unified Reporting

Connect the data from leading tools like Procore, ERPs, and CRMs to have a single view for real-time reporting and ad hoc analysis.
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