Case Study Driving Business Growth Through Enhanced Data Warehousing

Case Study: Driving Business Growth Through Enhanced Data Warehousing

Josh Miramant

Posted On:
July 14, 2023

Quext, a leading provider of IoT, Digital Human, and Property Management solutions, recognized the importance of upgrading its data environment to harness real-time insights. To achieve this, they partnered with Blue Orange Digital (BOD), a renowned expert in data infrastructure and analytics. The project’s primary focus was to improve the data warehouse and infrastructure. BOD had previously implemented a historical data warehouse using Airbyte for data replication through extraction-based CDC. The new objective was to leverage this technology to accelerate data updates in the IoT Analytics dashboard and expand it to other products.

Key highlights:

– Upgrading data environments can drive business growth by enabling real-time insights.
– Partnering with experts in data infrastructure and analytics can help streamline the process.
– Leveraging technologies like Airbyte for data replication can enhance data warehouse capabilities.
– Accelerating data updates in analytics dashboards can improve decision-making.
– Extending data warehouse solutions to multiple products can maximize their value.
– Testing and refining data warehouse models is crucial for optimal performance across different workstreams.

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