Case Study: Optimizing Quext’s Real-time Data Updates with Cube SaaS Solution

Josh Miramant

Posted On:
August 3, 2023

Quext, a pioneer in property management technology, partnered with Blue Orange Digital (BOD) to overcome challenges in real-time data updates within their complex data environment. Together with Cube, they evaluated a cloud solution to enhance their IoT control panel, leading to faster and more accurate decision-making. Key highlights of this collaboration include:

– Innovation in Property Management: Utilization of cutting-edge technology like digital chatbots and IoT.
– Real-time Data Solutions: Collaboration with BOD and Cube to provide real-time data updates.
– Enhanced Decision Making: Implementation of the Cube SaaS solution, leading to quicker, more informed decisions.
– Improved Customer Value: The partnership poised Quext to expand offerings and deliver even greater value to their customers.

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