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Josh Miramant

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May 25, 2022


Grandeur Peak Global Advisors provides portfolio management for investment companies, portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles, and portfolio management for businesses and institutional clients. They provide their clients with research-backed solutions, that allow them to accurately monitor valuations and maximize their investment results. Having identified the value of data-powered decision making, they were in the beginning process of setting up an Azure Data Lake and needed assistance.


Their main challenge was the most common one for all companies that need to handle heterogeneous data sources. Multiple internal locations were responsible for storing their data, while access was provided through third-party APIs and dashboards. The variety of formats and data locations made it impossible to standardize the data and prevented them from implementing proper data governance and capitalizing on the information they had. At the time, to create reports and analysis required too much manual processing and they wanted more automation of data preparation and ingestion to a consolidated dashboard. They required an infrastructure solution that would minimize the time spent wrangling data and still enable them to implement proper data access and management pipelines.


Starting at the core of the problem, Blue Orange Digital identified data lakes as the most appropriate storage solution. By ingesting both structured and unstructured data, data lakes can provide a unique source of truth for all data-centric processes and pipelines. This meant that data processing pipelines, internal access mechanisms, and visualization workflows could all be simplified and updated in real-time.

Given the vast expertise it has in the area, Blue Orange Digital could provide the in-house IT team with hands-on training and guidance on best practices to extend the implemented data architecture under expert supervision, ultimately building a system that enabled non-technical(no-code) data analysis for the organization. Backed by a solid infrastructure, they were empowered to tackle any data wrangling task by using reliable proven technologies. From the configuration of BI tools(Sisense) to setting up custom dashboards and extending the core functionality of the Azure Data Lake they allowed them to accurately monitor valuations and maximize their investment results.

Why Sisense?

Leveraging tools like Sisense, we build integrated systems to simplify data exploration for non-technical users. Sisense has partnered with Azure BI and allows for:
 -Easy & cheap data transfer
 -Easy & simultaneous integration with Azure Investments, Azure Data Explorer, & SQL Server

See our “Executive’s Guide to BI Tools” or ask us to recommend the best solution for your project, contact Josh.


The new data infrastructure opened up possibilities for further development of machine learning and advanced analytics applications. For data-hungry algorithms, this is great news: data lakes can provide them with the heterogeneous data sets they thrive on and make it possible to integrate alternative data sources in the future for further increases in performance. 

Investing in their data infrastructure meant an investment in future decision-making processes. With access to a solid architecture and proven tools, Grandeur Peak can benefit on multiple fronts. Internally, automated processes will be established, which will maximize their operational efficiency and data access management schemes. Externally, their clients will be able to further extend their research capabilities and consolidate their investment strategies.

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