Maximizing the Value of Internal Talent with a Discovery Platform

Josh Miramant

Posted On:
May 26, 2022

The Problem

Uiba offers Machine Learning for Organizational Management to medium and large-sized organizations. This platform enables their clients to hire, allocate, and develop their workforce in a manner designed to maximize productivity, minimize cost, and achieve optimal efficiency. Blue Orange developed and designed the first version of its platform.

Sector Tech

Vertical Talent Analytics

Model SVM/Random Forest

Case Study

Uiba required a Machine Learning solution for Organizational Management. We built an internal talent discovery platform to help companies identify, allocate, and develop their workforce. Blue Orange designed the tool to:

  1. Index all organizational capabilities by team, role, and employee.
  2. Optimize talent distribution to maximize productivity.
  3. Only hire externally when required. Focus on discovering internal talent.
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