Pharmacy Revenue Prediction for OptioRx with Azure Pipeline

Josh Miramant

Posted On:
May 23, 2022

The Problem

OptioRx, a private equity-backed owner and operator of specialty compound pharmacies, needed to predict quarterly pharmaceutical revenue to improve revenue planning and predict fraud. The primary challenge was that the data contained significant seasonality with irregularities occurring in both doctor and pharmacy level data. 

Blue Orange was brought in to create a production model that could be integrated into price forecasting. Due to our success in the prediction project, OptioRx engaged Blue Orange on a separate project to scale its pharmacy ingestion data pipeline.

Case Study

Sector: Healthcare

Vertical: Revenue Forecasting

Model: Sagemaker/Prophet

Predictive Modeling: 

On the initial prediction project, our data scientists worked collaboratively with technical client stakeholders through Jupyter notebooks and feedback sessions to develop a production forecasting model. Our solution implemented ensemble learning and built on AWS and open source prediction frameworks to outperform previous approaches.

Blue Orange was brought in to create  a production model that could be integrated.

Data Pipeline:

A second major data challenge OptioRx faced was the integration of newly acquired pharmacy data systems. Highlighting our cross-cloud expertise, Blue Orange developed a scalable Azure data pipeline for ingesting new pharmacy data. After gaining familiarity with the previous pipeline, we developed a full project backlog, integrated two initial new pharmacies,  and implemented an efficient data lake and data cataloging pattern to simplify future integrations.

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