Optimize Member Acquisition and Product Pricing with Data Science

Data Science is changing how Credit Unions make decisions.

Cloud storage and computing make custom data warehousing and prediction accessible even to the smallest institutions. Established models can now be applied to solve specific problems like member retention, cross-selling offers, and pricing financial products to improve both revenue and loyalty.

Empower CU Leaders with advanced analytics.

We help credit unions thrive by simplifying data-driven decision making. Blue Orange engineers build modern data warehousing that allows our PhDs to tackle the most pressing business questions. Our designers create custom dashboards to make these insights repeatedly actionable.

How we improve CU data decisions:

Modern Data Warehousing

We believe that you should own your data. Create a secure, modern data warehouse that unifies core, customer, loan, credit card, and institutional data to solve specific business problems without vendor lock-in.

Visual Exploration and Reporting

Integrated dashboards and beyond. Our in house design team creates self-service BI dashboards that enhance C-suite decision making and empower internal analysts to easily apply prediction to answer pressing business questions.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Membership. Financial products. Operations. Balance sheet. Our data scientists and machine learning engineers uncover unexpected correlations and capitalize on those predictions to drive revenue and decrease costs.


Use historical performance to predict future opportunites.

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