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Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Utilize your systems device data to decrease malfunctions and reduce equipment downtime. Save time and money on maintenance costs by using data-driven insights to act proactively and prevent outages.

Operational Optimization

An easy way to reduce waste, eliminate costs, and improve safety is by optimizing the everyday processes that make your company operate. Through predictive analytics and automation, you can process administrative tasks, monitor system statuses, and optimize energy distribution with real-time insights.

Demand Forecasting

Providing and keeping the energy flowing to your customers is your top priority. Utilize customer and grid data to gain insights into the different trends that occur within your system. Know which areas use the most power, at which times, so you can plan and react to changes in demand at a moment's notice without interrupting your service.


Energy Transmission & Distribution

Optimize your processes and networks to reduce costs, improve asset performance, and discover new forms of value. Location and distribution algorithms help you to balance transformer loads, and determine the optimal locations for distribution centers, equipment, and maintenance personnel, to always quickly and efficiently rectify any problems with service.

Retail & Customer Service

Gain the most value from your customer data. Utilize usage and behavioral data to create personalized customer experiences, realize new revenue streams, and quickly respond to maintenance and outage reports.

Real-Time Analytics

Use real-time analytics to be proactive in addition to reactive. Monitor and manage grids, pipelines, and sensors to increase productivity and meet the highest standards of safety. Know what is going on in all parts of these systems at all times.

Anomaly Detection & Prediction

Take into account all external factors that can lead to outages and breaks in the system, such as weather, increases in demand or usage, and meter events. All of this enables you to identify, confirm, and respond to events to keep your employees safe and customers happy.
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