The latest in machine learning to quantify abstract and unstructured data.


Classification is a type of supervised machine learning which assigns observations to different categories. The 3 most common types of questions are:

  • Two-class classification (A or B?)
  • Multi-class classification (A, B, or C?)
  • Anomaly detection (is this abnormal?)

Using these classifications you can ask and answer questions such as; Is this an image of a cat or dog? What is the mood of this tweet? Or, Is this pressure reading atypical?

Natural Language Processing

NLP is an umbrella term defining all machine learning tasks aiming to understand and process human-generated text or speech. NLP algorithms can decipher that meaning from unstructured data like online reviews, internal communication emails, newsletters, and customer service logs to provide valuable interpretations of human language. Our NLP solutions yield increased processing speeds and accuracy to ensure the extraction of valuable insights from all your document sources.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR tools can extract data from physical sources, like letters, invoices, printed contracts, or even images, into structured formats (i.e. databases). This makes the data readily available for further processing and enables quick sorting, searching, and editing of the stored information. OCR tools have become a top priority for businesses looking to streamline their document processing workflows, saving costs on storage space, increase the accessibility of information, and reducing manual data manipulation and thus errors.

Let Automation Make Your Life Easier

Automating Repeatable Tasks

Automate tasks that are time consuming and inherently repeatable to maximize employee time.

Employee Productivity Optimization

Increase employee productivity by freeing up time to focus on higher impact duties and skill development.

Real-Time Insights

Stay in the know with automated insights. Whether it is marketing, sales, or product data streams you will always have the most accurate and current status.

Automated Reporting

Enable business executives and stakeholders with automated reports and insights. Make strategy decisions quickly, accurately, and, effectively with concise and responsive custom dashboards that integrate seamlessly into current systems.
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