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Blue Orange helps businesses implement prediction into daily operations. From customer experience to executive reporting, Blue Orange delivers strategic clarity, unified infrastructure, and actionable insights.

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Connected Devices

Make your device data actionable and uncover valuable customer, product, and marketing insights.

Supply Chain & Logistics

From warehouse optimization to vehicle telematics Blue Orange provides end-to-end optimization for all stages of the supply chain.

Energy & Utility

Utilize IoT solutions to provide safe utilities, optimize grid distribution, and provide customers with more information.

Smart Cities

Improve infrastructure, reduce public transportation waste, and optimize utilities. Through IoT connectivity and solutions, local and city governments can utilize sensor and meter data to gain valuable insights to better serve their communities.

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Customer Experience Optimization

Provide the best customer experience through personalized marketing tactics such as recommendation engines and timed re-engagement to improve customer CLV.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Blue Orange provides services on a pay for what you use basis. Avoid costly IT projects and put money back into your business. Automate processes, reduce downtimes, and provide the best products and services possible.

Increased Product Quality

Increase product quality and customer satisfaction by using IoT connectivity to monitor product status and performance. Automate maintenance alerts and requests to reduce costs and longevity.

Discovery of New Revenue Channels

Maximize the effectiveness of your data to bring in revenue from channels once hidden due to unstructured data.

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