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Itamar Gal, the Director of Engineering, and Will Thomas, Business Development Director, announce Partnership with Blue Orange Digital

author Celia Gubler October 20, 2021

Blue Orange Digital is excited to welcome two of our own, Will Thomas and Itamar Gal, as our agency’s newest partners! Will has been with Blue Orange since 2018 and is an experienced Business and Sales leader working within Data/BI, Cloud QA/QE, Digital Strategy, and Digital Experience. Itamar has been with Blue Orange since 2019 and is a Digital Transformation leader, with expertise in Solution Architecting, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation. 

Will started as the first business-side employee during his MBA internship and then became an Account Executive for two years before moving into this new leadership role. He is excited for the opportunity to build out the sales team to meet the growing demand for digital transformation, work with exceptional clients, and establish an awesome company culture!  Will said his favorite part about working for Blue Orange is, “The people. I love my coworkers and have a blast most days. Everyone we work with is brilliant and has a low ego. The challenges of both building a business and solving high-level technical problems drive collaboration and creativity, which attracts high-caliber colleagues and keeps them here.”

Itamar started as a Senior Data Engineer and then spent a year as a Solution Architect before recently working as our Director of Engineering.  He is looking forward to helping to grow our delivery team, discover interesting projects, collaborate with innovative technology companies, and assist our engineers in developing their careers.  Itamar said that what he most enjoys about working at Blue Orange is, “...the culture because we all work together, support each other, and learn from each other. It's a very collaborative environment, which is especially important when working remotely.”

Thank you, Will and Itamar for your contributions to the Blue Orange Team that make us successful in all the work that we do!  

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