The Latest NLP Solutions

Data Acquisition

Using NLP processing techniques we bring your data into a state of actionable use. Organize your unstructured data to enable automation, cost savings and improved data analytics.

Unstructured Data Processing

Provide the highest quality search and analytics results through raw language processing. Process a myriad of files from PDFs to image files. This increases the accuracy of information gathered and utilized for analytics and queries.

Query Understanding

Optimize queries to provide custom results and suggestions to users. By applying NLP, your company can continuously enrich and test search engine performance to improve the relevancy of search results. This enables a personalized experience that increases user engagement and drives revenue.

Make NLP Work For You

Sentiment Analysis

Ever wonder how your company is being perceived? With NLP you can gain valuable insights into your company’s reputation across various forms of social media and media outlets.

Employee Enablement

Enhance how employees access information within the company by connecting them to relevant data, information, and resources.

Market Analysis

With NLP you can gauge and predict how the market around you is doing and how it will do. Utilize those insights to position your company to deal with any changes that may come in the future.

Recruiting & Talent Analytics

Automatically pull candidates that best fit what you are looking for based on specific criteria. Hire the best fit the first time around, reduce time to fill, and increase fill rates.
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Other Services

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