About Tungsten Automation

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, is a global leader in streamlining business processes through cutting-edge technology. Their suite of solutions is designed to decipher the complexity of unstructured data, turning it into actionable insights for smart, informed decisions.

By harnessing advanced AI, intelligent document processing, low-code process orchestration, and robotic process automation (RPA), Tungsten Automation empowers businesses to overcome their greatest challenges with increased efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement.

Innovative Legacy

Four decades of pioneering intelligent workflow automation solutions.

Global Presence

A team of 2,200 employees across 32 countries.

Trusted by Many

Serves over 25,000 global customers with dedication and expertise.

Award-Winning Recognition

Acclaimed by Everest Group, IDC, Forrester, and others for leadership in IA, IDP, and Process Orchestration.

Customized Solutions

Tailor-made applications and services through the Tungsten Marketplace to fit unique business needs.


Operational Efficiency

Businesses receive up to a 55% increase in operational effectiveness.

Employee Productivity

Staff satisfaction and productivity boost by 45%.

Cost Savings

Enterprises save over US$1 million through intelligent automation.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced customer experiences, leading to a 45% improvement in satisfaction scores.

Industry Recognition

Tungsten Automation has been consistently acknowledged as a leader in workflow automation. Their accolades include:

Named a Leader in intelligent document processing for six (6) consecutive years.

Recognized as a Leader in intelligent document processing software.

 Acclaimed as a Leader in intelligent automation for three (3) years in a row.

Transform Your Business with Blue Orange & Tungsten Automation!

Discover how the Blue Orange and Tungsten Automation partnership can propel your business into the future with our innovative solutions. From optimizing critical business workflows with AI to building resilience in your invoice workflows, we offer the tools and expertise you need for a successful digital transformation.

Copilot for Insights by Blue Orange Digital.

Designed with Blue Orange Digital, Copilot for Insights AI augments the case worker’s view with in-depth insights that streamline and accelerate decision making.

The Challenge

Knowledge workers within a TotalAgility workflow face challenges in reviewing vast amounts of unstructured content, impacting efficiency and speed in decision making.

The Solution

Blue Orange infuses Gen AI into the TotalAgility case view. This introduces a conversational interface, enabling knowledge workers to derive insights from business document data associated with an ongoing TotalAgility case.

The Impact

This integration promises:

  • Productivity uplift
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Speed in decision making

Relevant Use Cases

  • Legal/contract analysis
  • Loan application analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Review/comparison of insurance policies for insurance workflows

Copilot for Insights on the Tungsten TotalAgility Marketplace.

The recent launch of TotalAgility 8 introduces a myriad of game-changing features, such as Copilot for Insights. Unlocking key data insights has never been easier with this AI-powered interface, readily available in the Tungsten Marketplace. Seamlessly ask questions, receive instant answers, and expedite decision-making processes!