Predictive Analytics

The predictive superpowers of machine learning tools have changed the way businesses think about, rely on, and implement artificial intelligence solutions. Achieving more with fewer resources is now possible and data assets can be turned into tangible operational improvements.

The latest in machine learning to quantify abstract and unstructured data into insights.

Revenue Forecasting

Given all the variables of running a business, predicting revenue at the end of the quarter can be quite a challenge. Invoices, expenses, market fluctuation, seasonal and holiday spikes, etc. Accurate predictions improve all aspects of business management-making it clear which strings to pull to optimize your operations.

Case Study: Supply Chain & Revenue Predictions for Pharmaceuticals

Demand Forecasting

Understanding customer behavior and figuring out what their exact needs are is possible at a fine-grained level. It can inform about weekly, daily, and seasonal variations, giving outlets and companies an automated way to reduce demand uncertainty. Make sure desired products are on the shelf, reduce inventory management costs and optimize all fulfillment channels.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection algorithms can help businesses identify and react to unusual data points in multiple scenarios. A bank security system may employ anomaly detection to identify fraudulent transactions. Likewise, manufacturing plant owners rely on anomaly detection for dealing with malfunctioning equipment and implementing predictive maintenance measures.

Let Automation Make Your Life Easier

Automating Repeatable Tasks

Automate tasks that are time consuming and inherently repeatable to maximize employee time.

Employee Productivity Optimization

Increase employee productivity by freeing up time to focus on higher impact duties and skill development.

Real-Time Insights

Stay in the know with automated insights. Whether it is marketing, sales, or product data streams you will always have the most accurate and current status.

Automated Reporting

Enable business executives and stakeholders with automated reports and insights. Make strategy decisions quickly, accurately, and, effectively with concise and responsive custom dashboards that integrate seamlessly into current systems.
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