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Learn how Blue Orange enables Sales and Marketing departments through data transformation.

Data Transformation

Blue Orange builds highly accessible, scalable, and secure data lake architectures that allow businesses to unify all marketing data into one place. Assign a number and quantify communication, purchase history, media posts, and more to add more pieces to your consumer puzzle. Find the interconnections in data like never before. We'll connect the dots to make your marketing strategy modern, easy, and automated.

Data Visualization

Answer relevant marketing questions with simple and clear visualization. Use concise and responsive custom dashboards or integrate seamlessly into current systems to have a clear picture on things like omni-channel analysis, customer behavior tracking, and KPI reporting. All of this enables executive level marketers to make strategy decisions quickly and effectively.

Predictive Analytics

With a unified and flexible data environment, utilize your data to answer pertinent business decisions. You can now stay ahead of the ball by applying prediction to make choices based on what will happen rather than what happened or is currently happening. Predict customer churn, cross selling, and up-selling opportunities.

Why Companies Choose Blue Orange

Customer Churn Prevention

No business enjoys losing customers. Take a proactive approach with behavior tracking and sentiment analysis to predict when customers will drop, and with personalized re-targeting this allows you to send customers the marketing material most relevant to them.

ROI Analysis

Do not waste money by spending into strategies that are ineffective. With ROI analysis, know which marketing efforts are most effective for your company. Adjust budgets and plan for the future while mitigating needless waste.

Omni-Channel Analysis

Different channels work for different types of businesses. Track which channels are working for and optimize spend based on accurate data. You can also discover new channels of revenue based on insights into customer behavior, spending habits, and geographical location.

Holistic Visualization

Make it easier for business executives and stakeholders to buy into new initiatives, strategies, and product development with highly transparent data visualization tools. Seamless integration through APIs gives transparency into sales, marketing, and product data streams for high-level analysis and reporting.
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