Big Data Infrastructure & Pipelines

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Modern analytics requires modern warehousing. Generating predictive insights requires a new
approach to how data is processed and stored. Traditional data warehouses require data to be
loaded before analysis. With modern cloud data infrastructure, we can query exabytes of data
in open formats directly from a data lake.


  • Control
    Enable your data teams to have visibility and control. Our architecture unifies disparate data silos into a single data warehouse in real time.
  • Simple and Flexible
    Customize, enrich, and transform data anywhere. Our cloud expertise and custom pipette design enable flexible analytics without partition data a data mart for each project.
  • Secure and Reliable
    Moving from a batch data store to streaming event systems provide historical replay and snapshot analysis without pausing your pipeline.
  • Enterprise ETL
    Combine and prepare any number of data sources. From simple databases to massive streaming feeds, we build infrastructure that unifies data to unveil insights.

Business Solutions

Using natural language processing and modern analytical models, our Ph.D. data scientists developed a number of algorithms to improve hiring processes by determining the most predictive components of applicant data to collect and assess. We provided advanced funnel analytics to create applicant rankings, search criteria, process automation, and candidate recommendations.