Data Science and Analytics

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Data science and advanced analytic approaches offer new solutions to outstanding business problems. Our Ph.D. data scientists start by understanding your company’s objects, then explore the initial data. From data advisory to deep assessments of internal capabilities and predictive models, we focus on finding robust solutions to every problem we tackle.


  • Custom Insights
    Every company is unique. By focusing on the key challenges and specific data of our clients, we tailor our data analytics to uncover the complexity of their most important problems.
  • Doctorate Expertise
    Our Ph.D. data scientists pride themselves on applying the latest research methods to select and test custom models that provide competitive insights for our clients.
  • Quick to Market
    Advances in cloud computing and open access to vast repositories of data allows our team to implement and test meaningful results quicker than ever before. Most companies require only basic data enrichment to find actionable insights that can improve workflow.
  • ROI Focus
    Every project is measured in terms of returns to the end users and against the company’s bottom line. Advanced analytics only matter if they drive sustained business value. We design projects to satisfy this need.

Business Solutions

Using natural language processing and modern analytical models, our Ph.D. data scientists developed a number of algorithms to improve hiring processes by determining the most predictive components of applicant data to collect and assess. We provided advanced funnel analytics to create applicant rankings, search criteria, process automation, and candidate recommendations.