Recruiting and Talent Analytics

Apply modern data science techniques to establish unbiased indicators that provide context
and demonstrate predictive relationships in hiring, workforce optimization, and employee

Data Driven Solutions

Our Method

  • Create a modern data warehouse that unifies ATS,
    employee performance, and 3rd party data.
  • Apply data science algorithms to discover the
    predictive indicators the underlie employee
    performance and optimal hiring.
  • Integrate these insights into your existing hiring
    infrastructure and workflow without changing

Your Results

  • Custom talent analytics
  • Source better candidates
  • Remove bias from hiring
  • Rank resumes effectively
  • Enrich candidate profiles
  • Predict the best employees

Unified Applicant Insights

Analysis derived from 360-degree candidate and employee data can reduce time to hire, increase retention and uncover actionable success predictors.

Predictions Across Talent Lifecycle
  • Predict Optimal Promotions
  • Predict Departures
  • Compensation Modeling
  • Succession Planning
  • Bias Removal
  • Resume Ranking
  • Predictive Success Indicators
  • Talent Sourcing Ranking
  • Resume Enrichment
Performance Management
  • Identify Talent Ranking Indicators
  • Team Psychometric Modeling
  • Management Efficacy
  • Team Performance Indicators

Make Machine Learning Work for You

Data science projects are complex and require a range of technical skills to ensure successful outcomes. Blue Orange offers full-service development to increase the delivery of cutting-edge data insights.

We leverage the latest tools to accelerate the end-to-end analytic process and dramatically improve analytic productivity and information governance generating better business decisions.