Private Equity and Venture Capital

Apply modern data science techniques to improve portfolio company operations
and provide predictive insights for investment sourcing and deal analysis.

Data Driven Solutions

Our Method

  • Create a modern data warehouse that unifies internal
    datasets with multiple relevant outside sources.
  • Apply data science algorithms to determine
    investment indicators that produce similarity, ranking,
    and search signals for deal discovery and sourcing.
  • Integrate predictive insights into your decision flow
    and deal selection.

Your Results

  • Predict growth in revenue, traffic, customers
  • Predict factors that indicate a merger/acquisition
  • Augment decisions with probabilistic inputs
  • Uncover leading indicators of success
  • Predict factors that indicate additional venture raises
  • Custom investment recommendation

Unified Company Insights

Machine learning algorithms can reveal unbiased indicators of investment performance.

Make Machine Learning Work for You

Data science projects are complex and require a range of technical skills to ensure successful outcomes. Blue Orange offers full-service development to increase the delivery of cutting-edge data insights.

We leverage the latest tools to accelerate the end-to-end analytic process and dramatically improve analytic productivity and information governance generating better business decisions.