Data Integration & Engineering

Blue Orange experts are prepared to improve and optimize your current Analytics and BI Reporting Strategy with flexible data infrastructures that enhance the implementation, optimization, and visualization of your data for real-time enterprise reporting.

Modern integration and engineering techniques will ensure your team can analyze your enterprise data for improved insights.

Blue Orange experts are prepared to construct the ideal cloud-based data architecture that will unify your data sources and scale with your business as it develops. Our Data Integration and Engineering strategies combine the latest technologies with flexible infrastructures that promote simplified management and in-depth analysis.

Service Breakdown

Data Transformation

Once we have examined your current data environment, we will use the latest data engineering tools to unify transformation processes so that they can be easily interpreted by your end users. Through this uniform transformation, your enterprise will have access to a data infrastructure that is replicable, easily understood, and performs uninterrupted.

Flexible Data Infrastructures

After your data environment has been evaluated and your data sources transformed, we will build your improved data infrastructure that will dynamically adjust and compensate for any structural changes in your sources and workflows. Additionally, our consulting process will take note of any areas that could cause the data integration to fail which allows for quick recognition and solution development by our architects.

Data Prioritization

Your enterprise likely has numerous data sources that can be overwhelming for your team to integrate and sort internally. Our experts will assist you in prioritizing the sources that are relevant, while eliminating the data that creates redundancies in your workflows. Our experts will provide recommendations that will leave you feeling confident that your data integration process is optimized for cost reduction.

Data Cleansing

To further enhance time and cost savings, the data cleansing in your modern data stack is executed programmatically to ensure that your analysts can use their time to utilize this information for generating business solutions. Furthermore, your scalable data stack will enhance your teams ability to uncover new opportunities for long-term enterprise success.

Featured Data Integration & Engineering Technologies

Our data engineering experts are highly experienced in industry standard technologies, and stay up to date with the latest advancements to ensure you are provided with cutting edge service.

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