Improving PE Deal Sourcing with Automation Platform

A leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, managing over $20 billion, faced significant challenges with their existing deal sourcing platform. They engaged Blue Orange Digital to conduct an end-to-end data audit, aiming to evolve the platform into a scalable, unified sourcing tool equipped with consistent architecture and advanced data capabilities. The goal was to integrate data from four newly acquired CRM/ERP systems, each previously operating independently, which led to obscured visibility and coordination within the firm’s sales processes.

Copilot for Insights on Tungsten Marketplace

In a strategic partnership, Blue Orange Digital developed Copilot for Insights, an innovative AI-powered interface integrated into the Tungsten Marketplace. This solution is part of the TotalAgility 8 suite, designed to enhance the capabilities of knowledge workers by providing instant access to crucial data insights during live processes.

Building Modern Analytics Pipelines for, a leader in the online travel industry, sought to enhance its data infrastructure to improve the management of its extensive data systems. The company partnered with Blue Orange Digital to develop a robust data pipeline, aiming to boost its data processing capabilities significantly.

Transforming Data Architecture for NuSkin with AWS

NuSkin, a global leader in direct sales of personal care products, boasts over $2 billion in annual revenue. To maintain its competitive edge, NuSkin needed expert guidance on optimizing its data architecture and engineering practices.

Transforming Government Document Management Through Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Redica Systems, a leader in regulatory intelligence and document processing, faced the challenge of unifying highly varied data to enable end-users to track and identify compliance issues. The company needed a cutting-edge data environment capable of handling large-scale, varied document ingestion, parsing, reconciliation, and classification, moving away from traditional manual methods to a more automated and scalable system.

Maximizing Sales in Private Equity through Data Optimization

A leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm managing over $30 billion sought to enhance their deal platform to boost sales performance and operational efficiency. They approached Blue Orange Digital to conduct an end-to-end data audit and revamp their data infrastructure to accommodate newly acquired CRM/ERP systems, aiming to unify their data sources for better sales insight and optimization.