Optimize Deal Origination and Venture Investing with Data Science

Data Science and AI have changed how VCs make deal decisions.

Collecting and unifying publicly available data with CrunchBase, Angellist, Pitchbook, and public data can improve sourcing and optimize decision making. Proven models can be applied to help decision makers perform unbiased risk calculations. Data-driven analysis can help rule out investment pitfalls.

Empower decision makers with advanced analytics.

We help VCs automate deal sourcing, portfolio risk calculation, and data collection for due diligence. Blue Orange engineers build modern data warehousing to support our PhDs implementing models that improve consistency in decision making.

How we improve investing decisions:

Due Diligence Automation

Automation can improve investing cost while remove bias from the decision process. With advanced data collection and processing, we build automated checks to allow auditors to focus only on unique investment characteristics.


Predictive Deal Risk/Opportunity Ranking

Machine Learning is excellent at detecting patterns in large sets of data, like traits of good investments. We custom build predictive models to rank investment opportunities and calculate predictive investment risk.

Modern Data Warehousing

We unify disparate data sets to improve deal sourcing and investing selection. We help companies with hypothesis testing and provide an interactive analytics environment.


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Use historical performance to help predict future opportunites.

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