AI & Machine Learning Services

It can be challenging to translate ideas into AI solutions without the full range of experience that a seasoned team like Blue Orange provides. Our team is here to help your business design and deliver true value from its AI Agenda.

The Blue Orange Approach.

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  • Use Case Prioritization

    We'll team up to map your business, find top-value uses, and identify key data.

  • ML/AI Prototyping

    Validate the viability of the ML/AI solution through rapid prototyping.

  • Generative AI Solutions

    With expert input from our data platform solutions specialists.

  • ML Pipeline Creation

    Build out robust, repeatable machine learning pipelines.

  • Production ML Architecture

    Design a fitting ML architecture for your ecosystem, offering cost-effective scalability.

  • MLOps Implementation

    Operate your machine learning system at scale.

Data Science & AI with Databricks

Design and deliver your Data Science and AI solutions on top of the Databricks Lakehouse platform to take advantage of the streamlined, end-to-end data science workflow and scalable machine learning platform architecture. With Databricks, your Data Science team can spend less time worrying about data infrastructure, how to get their data, and how to translate their models into production and spend more time understanding the business problem and translating it into high-quality models.

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While it generally depends on the scope of the POC, we try to keep ML POCs to 8 weeks.

  1. Translate business use case to ML solution
    • Exploratory data analysis
    • Featurization
    • Scalable model training and evaluation
    • Model Tracking & Model Registry (Usually with MLFlow)
  2. Knowledge transfer
  3. Deliver a Working ML model, and documentation, and Identify of next steps
  • Data integration, ETL, and data cleansing outside of what is needed for the featurization.
  • Improving any existing benchmark models.
  • Front-end applications.
  • CI/CD pipelines.
  • Infrastructure setup and configuration.