We build modern data warehousing to support machine learning and AI.

We help companies integrate these insights to drive data-driven decision making.



We start by understanding a company's objectives, then we explore the initial data. A robust solution often requires a range of tools and a deep assessment of internal capabilities.


Next-gen analytics require next-gen data pipelines. Machine learning and AI demand lots of computing power and highly available data. We build fast and powerful pipelines to support the needs of modern data analytics algorithms.


The accuracy and insight we get from machine learning and AI algorithms go beyond traditional business intelligence. We experiment, validate, and scale the latest machine learning models to capture the insights that unlock the value in client's data.


Analytics are useless unless they're real-time, visible and dynamic. At Blue Orange, we start by defining an optimal delivery, then we integrate. The full technical stack is focused on ensuring business outcomes.
Discover what's possible when
business needs meet AI

Make Machine Learning
Work For You

Data science projects are complex and require a range of technical skills to ensure successful outcomes. Blue Orange offers full-service development to increase the delivery of cutting-edge data insights.

Think data science as a service.