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Data Transformation

Boring Machine Learning Everyone Should Get Excited About

Machine Learning has become a strategic focal point for businesses that wish to find innovative solutions to their most complex...

Data Transformation

Executive’s Guide to BI Tools

Data Visualization Software Comparison The Blue Orange Guide to BI Tools is meant to give executives and business leaders a...


Why The Oil & Gas Industry Needs RPA Right Now

Falling energy prices in 2020 are undeniable. In one month, WTI crude prices have fallen over 12%. If the COVID...


How can AI be harnessed to help us with Covid?

Can AI help spot infections before they become epidemics?  AI-based solutions are being used to detect outbreaks of infectious diseases...


Bank Customer Acquisition: Three Data-Driven Strategies That Work

Winning more bank customers in 2020 and beyond is only going to get more complicated. Advertising on major platforms like...


How Banks Drive Customer Acquisition and Loyalty With Data Analytics

Winning more customers in the financial services industry has never been more challenging. Regulators are investigating companies that engage in...

Data Transformation

Automate Customer Service with Chatbots

You want to improve your customer service without hiring a small army of employees. That’s when you turn to the...

Data Transformation

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation, sometimes called Intelligent Process Automation, is the deployment of software tools with the goal of automating recurring...

Data Transformation

Data Lakes vs. Data Warehousing: Choosing The Right Option For Your Data Strategy

There’s much buzz about data lakes vs. data warehouses today. They are sophisticated tools. So, it pays to be thoughtful...

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