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Letting Your IoT Customer Data Work For You

Self-driving cars, payment systems, wearables, cameras, IoT devices, smart industrial machines, and online tools. From software to hardware, intelligent services...


The Way To Use Dynamic Pricing in eCommerce

As eCommerce continues to grow, retailers are seeing more competitive pressure. Whether it is keeping up with product quality, delivery...

Data Transformation

Data Literacy: A Key Skill in The Future Workplace

In a world driven by data, it is imperative for industry leaders to develop strong Data Literacy within their organization....


Three Ways Venture Capital Firms Add Value Beyond A Check

It’s a tough time to be in venture capital. Years ago, VC organizations were the only place for start-ups to...


2 Ways Private Equity Firms Can Maximize Portfolio Value Without Hiring More Analysts

In private equity, you’re playing a high risk and high reward game. Investors expect significant returns compared to the public...

Data Transformation

7 Aspects That Make the Cloud a Safer Place for Your Data

An important decision all organizations need to make regarding their data is whether to store it on-premise or to host...

Data Transformation

Visualization Libraries for Machine Learning with Python

You managed to install all the Essential Python Libraries for your Machine Learning project. You’ve also analyzed your data and...

Data Transformation

Essential Python Libraries for Machine Learning Projects

Are you just starting out with your first Machine Learning project and already asking yourself: “Which Python libraries are needed...

Data Transformation

What is Advanced Analytics?

Advanced analytics tools are changing the business world. It’s more than data, tables, and spreadsheets. It’s a way to predict...

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