The Blue Orange Approach.

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  • Discovery

    Leverage automated profiling tools to uncover insights into your existing systems, evaluate workloads on legacy platforms, and forecast consumption costs.
  • Assessment

    Utilize advanced analyzers to conduct an in-depth examination of code complexity, aiding in the accurate estimation of migration project expenses.
  • Strategy

    With expert input from our data platform solutions specialists, determine the best technology alignments and devise strategic migration paths for each legacy source.
  • Production Pilot

    Implement a pilot project to test specific use cases, employing code conversion tools as needed to adapt legacy code for compatibility.
  • Execute

    After validating the pilot, we apply the established process to all workloads, ensuring efficient migration. 

Migrating to Databricks

Reduce costs, innovate faster, and simplify your data platform by migrating to the Databricks Lakehouse. Whether you are on-premise and looking to make a move to the cloud to take advantage of the latest capabilities and future-proof your analytics architecture, or you are in the cloud already.

But looking to optimize your cost and accelerate your organization’s analytics agenda by simplifying and streamlining your end-to-end process with Databricks, Blue Orange can help you make the move. Our years of expertise in implementing Databricks solutions can help you stick the landing on your migration and be enabled to see value and ROI quickly!

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A data migration can take anywhere from 2 months to 12+ months, depending on the scope. The main factors to consider are the amount of data sources needing migration, the diversity of types, and the amount of ETL code that will need to be re-written based on complexity of transformations and business logic.

The cost can vary depending on the scope and the speed at which you wish to migrate. Our team can work with you to scope out the migration and explore different cost options based on your budget and goals.

We specialize in data migration projects targeting the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. We also have extensive experience migrating to Snowflake and Azure Synapse.
We provide tailored support that is fit to the size and scope of your migration. We will support the ongoing data operations needs of the platform post migration. We also will support the migration of any analytics and BI workloads that need to be refactored or re-platformed as a result of the migration.