Meet the team

Our team is comprised of passionate and committed individuals whose priorities always align with helping our clients to identify and apply advanced analytics to improve the quality of decision-making.

Josh Miramant

Chief Executive Officer

Josh has founded 2 venture-backed technology companies that have scaled to millions of users. As a technical founder, he’s managed and delivered large-scale data analytics and machine learning.

Colin Van Dyke

Chief Technology Officer

Colin has 12 years of experience leading large cloud data projects across startups and enterprises. Most recently leading the development of large scale machine learning systems for a Fortune 100 bank.

Diana Bald

President & Chief Operating Officer

Diana has more than 20 years of experience in technology, financial services, advertising, and media. Most recently, she served as CEO of thoughtbot.

Dean Cirielli

VP of Engineering

Dean is a results-driven technology leader with 19+ years of experience in high-impact Agile innovation. Specializing in big data, cloud, and analytics, he generates continuous competitive advantage that drives business growth.

Brett Byriel

Director of Client Success

Brett is a client-focused leader with over 9 years of experience bridging the gap between business and technology. Specializing in data, analytics, and SaaS organizations, he consistently drives impactful results by fostering a collaborative and customer-centric approach.

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