Leveraging managed cloud data pipeline tools in AWS, Azure or Snowflake, our first step is to bring all disparate data together into one source of truth. This unification simplifies access, enables data transformation, and expands analytics capabilities. Teaming this with an advance data analytics platform, like Snowflake, will allow you to get the most out of your data strategy.
Advanced Business Intelligence tools create an organization’s common platform for using, discussing, and acting on data. Blue Orange can create systems simple enough for any user with advanced options to satisfy any analyst. These integrations provide quick, clear understanding with data visualizations and transparent reporting. The adoption of modern data analytics will bring confidence and accuracy to your decision making.
Machine Learning & Data Science enable proactive insight and decision making. Techniques such as data mining, statistical modeling, and machine learning are all used to analyze data for improved prediction and process automation.

Data Lake Warehousing

Blue Orange stores and analyzes data in an cloud data lake environment. The main benefits of the data lake are reduced time on data administration and highly flexible data ingestion. This allows for new data to be collected faster, cheaper, and more accurately. Adding advance analytics tools like Snowflake can rapidly mature your data capabilities. Read More.

Data Unification

Unified data provides a single access point to ever-increasing amounts of customer information. Marketing automation tools, CRM systems, and campaign monitoring platforms all become connected at the data layer. When user-generated information (web & mobile activity, sensor data, etc.) is added to the mix, we can say that unified data provides the full 360-degree customer view.

Data Enrichment

Getting all company data unified was the challenging part but analyzing only internal data sets limits when strategizing amongst the entire market. That’s where data enrichment comes into play. Bringing in third party and public domain datasets makes your data more diverse and your algorithms more experienced and accurate. Increasing the quality of your data widens your analytic capability in each department, company-wide, and in real-time markets.

Custom Dashboards

Enable non-technical users to get the most out of your data through highly transparent visuals. Combined with advanced BI tools, Blue Orange custom app development allows companies to automate reports, generate forecasting models, and apply machine learning prediction.


Retain the use of the apps and platforms that work best for your business. Blue Orange implements integration with existing sales, marketing, and other platforms to unify your view of data.

BI Implementation

With large amounts of data being ingested constantly, companies need to leverage the right Business Intelligence tools to analyze it in real-time. The more quickly you can turn raw data, both internal and external, into business insights, the more value and advantage it brings your company.

Information Extraction

We apply NLP and OCR, to gather insights from unstructured content such as emails, social media, and customer reviews. Our solutions yield increased processing speeds and accuracy to ensure the extraction of valuable insights from all your document sources.

Optimization Modeling

Blue Orange specializes in Optimization Modeling by utilizing your company's data to unlock new channels, reduce churn, and track the metrics that matter. We will optimize workflows, prioritize leads and drive sales. Let us free up your time so you can focus on what really matters.

Predictive Analytics

The predictive superpowers of machine learning tools have changed the way businesses think about, rely on, and implement artificial intelligence solutions. Achieving more with fewer resources is now possible and data assets can be turned into tangible operational improvements.

Recommendation Engines

Recommendation systems allow companies to personalize offers and experiences for their customers. Expert trained recommendations increase customer engagement, loyalty, and overall customer lifetime value.


Enterprise ETL

Combine and prepare any number of data sources with automated pipelines. From simple databases to massive streaming feeds, we build infrastructure that unifies data to unveil insights.

Cost Efficiency & Performance

Blue Orange builds highly flexible, scalable, and performant data architecture. This allows for a cost effective data environment that can be adjusted to your needs or budget.

Real-Time Integration

Have immediate access to your core business data. Responsive Business Intelligence and streaming analytics tools give leaders the ability to immediately adapt to shifting conditions.

Predictive Decision Making

Enhance your current decision flow processes with machine learning predictions. Our algorithms flag the edge cases that require human judgment.

Custom Tools

We develop optimal ways to make data insights actionable. From custom dashboards to automated reporting to CRM integrations, we build dynamic tools that allow any user app development experience and uses to interact directly with the data.

Rapid Software Development

Our agile software development process delivers business value quickly. Our engineering team has decades of full-stack app development experience and uses the latest tested technology for fast results.

Customer Insight

Applying machine learning models to comprehensive consumer data lets us answer questions about customer behavior and respond in real time.

Automated Performance

Algorithms can handle many decisions more efficiently and effectively than people. Our integrated predictive systems allow people to excel at what they do best and leave the rest for machines.
How We Make it Happen
How We Make it Happen
How We Make it Happen
Featured Use Case


See the way Blue Orange aided a Fortune 500 bank optimize its marketing efforts through a unified architecture that enables the organization and analysis of past efforts. We helped the bank optimize the estimation of its advertising bids by training a model to bid based on past and current campaigns. Make the most of your marketing efforts through Blue Orange marketing optimization solutions.

Featured Use Case

Sales Optimization

See the way Blue Orange Digital helped a Private Equity firm harness the power of business intelligence tools to produce better results. Deal sourcing uses data analytics to identify, qualify, rank and track deals, but without visibility into the effectiveness of these processes, they won’t be able to bring their full potential. Achieve sales optimization with a full-funnel custom dashboard to view the progress of your deals, improve sales modeling, and enact real-time oversight.

Featured Use Case


See how Blue Orange helped an Energy company harness the power of prediction to produce better results. The increased popularity of smart sensors and collectors has resulted in massive amounts of data, which in turn has created endless opportunities for modern predictive technologies. To optimize the company's grid system we used data-driven solutions for tackling energy consumption, demand, and production with smart devices.

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