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Data Science & Analytics Solutions for Sales & Marketing Functions.

Blue Orange experts will plan, design, and build a data environment that will yield enhanced sales and marketing analytics solutions that unify all of your data sources from marketing platforms, website analytics tools, SEO tools, social media platforms, advertising channels, and more to provide in-depth insights of which strategies yield conversions.

Sales & Marketing Functions that improve lead generation and conversions.

Target Customers

Our experts will integrate your disparate data sources into one environment to enable in-depth analysis of your organization’s data from your existing stack so you can have a single platform for a universal view of customers and marketing activities.

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Monitor Campaign Performance

Your new data architecture will enable your teams to track and measure campaign performance for all of your marketing activities by connecting lead generation and sales to report on Marketing’s impact on the business.

Understand Customer Behavior

Review new customer preferences and purchase patterns to inform future marketing and sales strategies so you will be better able to predict customer churn through retention strategies targeted at valuable customers.

Segment Customers

Target and segment customers into defined groups based on common characteristics to enable targeted messaging and tactics so your marketing and sales strategies will reach them more effectively.

Forecast Sales

Review your organization’s current and historical sales data and compare with market trends and benchmarks to scale your sales initiatives for long-term success.

Manage Sales Performance

Enable efficient tracking and review of sales rep performance and quotas to empower your sales team to generate more leads and boost productivity through intuitive dashboards that manage daily sales activities and perform sales analysis.

Featured Business Intelligence Technologies

Our data analytics team is highly experienced in the leading business intelligence technologies and stays up to date with the latest updates and advancements to ensure you are provided with the industry’s best service.

Data Science and Analytics Posts for Sales & Marketing Functions.

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