As the cost of software development has plummeted, data has become a competitive advantage. We are in the age of abundant data availability but garnering insights from this disparate and unstructured data is becoming a requirement for businesses looking to optimize and thrive.

Many data science projects fail. To ensure project success, the best data scientists require the support of excellent data engineers.

All engineers require iterative project guidance. Business stakeholders require clear project insight to provide adaptive feedback. Putting all the pieces in place can be challenging and expensive.

We are a team of enterprise data engineers, mathematical PhDs,
technical project managers and developers.

Josh Miramant


Enterprise application developer. Built 2 big data companies. Serial dot connector and deal maker.

Colin Van Dyke

Chief Technology Officer

Enterprise data engineer and machine learning practitioner. Led large data science teams at Capital One prior to joining.

Hiron Roy

Al/Machine Learning

Specialist in building enterprise-class, highly available, fault tolerant big data infrastructure.

Richard Morrison

Data Architect

Expert ETL and data engineer. A passion for distributed systems and large data transformation.

We've built production data-driven business solutions for over 10 years. Successful data science projects can be difficult to actualize. We work with clients from start to finish to help identify the best tools and project scope, then implement the best solution.

Our Clients Love Us
Our Process

It all starts with data. Our flexible 4 step approach to unlocking
the value in client data:

  • 1. Discover
    Explore the potential of unstructured data. Our data advisory services give you a clear assessment and project roadmap to realize more value in data.
  • 2. Structure
    Unified data architecture is a fundamental need for modern data analysis. We build cutting-edge distributed data warehousing that supports even the greediest algorithms.
  • 3. Model
    Bringing modern analytics to life. Our PhDs and Data Scientists select and test the best algorithms to meet your business needs.
  • 4. Integrate
    Without integration, there is no value. We work with companies to identify their highest impact areas to deliver insights and predictive analytics.