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Blue Orange experts are prepared to improve and optimize your current Analytics and BI Reporting Strategy with flexible data infrastructures that enhance the implementation, optimization, and visualization of your data for real-time enterprise reporting.

Achieve deeper insights and business intelligence for your E-Commerce & Retail customers.

Blue Orange applies a modern, flexible data architecture and data science techniques to establish unbiased indicators for improving dynamic pricing, customer segmentation, product recommendations, and behavioral analytics.

Leading Data Solutions and Applications for E-Commerce & Retail.

Customer Segmentation

Influencing customer behavior is based on finding similarities in different customer types and identifying systematic groups of customers to make marketing more precise. Machine Learning is excellent at finding patterns in large sets of data to pinpoint these customer segments so you are targeting the correct audience every time.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis is a system to help marketers better understand how and why buyers act, as well as make more accurate predictions based on that information. Analysis of raw event data provides a more complete insight that exposes opportunities to influence performance indicators.


A well trained chatbot can reduce operational costs while increasing customer convenience and engagement through conversational marketing. This methodology has been proven to increase conversion rates while driving specific user behavior that is trackable as chatbots can be deployed at scale to engage customers in real-time.


Targeted and specific automated recommendations increase cross-product conversion. Popular recommendation models are derived from user-specific content-based data or collaborative filtering, which identifies similarities between groups of customers that made different purchases.

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