Construction & Real Estate

Blue Orange experts are prepared to improve and optimize your current Analytics and BI Reporting Strategy with flexible data infrastructures that enhance the implementation, optimization, and visualization of your data for real-time enterprise reporting.

Operationalize data to achieve better Construction & Real Estate project and portfolio outcomes.

Blue Orange leverages your Construction & Real Estate data to reduce risk and optimize operational costs. Through cloud technology and advanced analytics, teams can increase the accessibility to project and market data, enable real-time decision making, and efficiency through smart-automation and machine learning.

Leading Data Solutions and Applications for Construction & Real Estate.

Precision Bidding

Increased sales through precision bidding is dependent on good data management and the ease of the tools to collect and share it.

Operational Optimization

Systematize operations and processes via intelligent automation and real-time visibility into project workflows and supply chains.

Unified Reporting

Connect the data from leading tools like Procore, ERPs, and CRMs to have a single view for real-time reporting and ad hoc analysis.

Financial Modeling

Predict quarterly and annual revenue to improve supply chain & business planning, anomaly detection, and compliance. Accurate revenue and demand forecasts depend on an integrated cross-cloud platform between managers, staff, and the global market.

Management & Collaboration

Expand project Management and interactive collaboration through seamless communication across web, phone, and in-person with cloud-based integrations.

Market Analysis

Make the best investment decisions based on numerous data streams that provide an over-arching analysis of market trends, values, and returns. Historical data from investing, purchasing, and rental data, form a clear picture that you can use to strategically position your company.

Property Valuation

Gauge the value of currently owned or future properties to make the best decisions for investment or home improvement. Determine whether a new garage, an updated kitchen or a finished basement will bring the most return in a given area. Using advanced analytics you can take into account historical, geographical, and real-time information updates to get the most accurate estimations possible.

Property Management

Combining seamless integration and the latest in process automation technology you can transform how you manage your investment properties. Automate repetitive administration tasks, onboard new residents quickly, and ensure timely processing of invoices and payments.

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