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From SMB’s to Fortune 500’s, Blue Orange helps companies across key industries to gain competitive insights from their data through modern, flexible architectures and platforms. We couple deep industry expertise with cutting edge technology solutions to simplify the way businesses interact, utilize, and scale their data.

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Client Testimonials

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with at least a dozen technology teams, and it is without question that the Blue Orange team stands above them all. It’s not just that they believe in using frontier technologies or that the expectation is constant learning and improvement, but his sense of product, the insights they provide, enables a product to be truly usable and sticky. As a manager, perhaps most valuable is the level of transparency the team provides about progress and deadlines. With other tech teams, it can be excruciating to extract plans, in-depth updates or explanations for issues as they arise.

The Blue Orange team is a partner, collaborator, and leader.

Lauren B.

Executive at Top 30 AUM Hedge Fund

Blue Orange was instrumental in helping our company achieve the early breakthroughs necessary to get Uiba where we are today. Josh and his team provided a great deal of insight beyond the blocking and tackling of development work, which helped us avoid unnecessary but costly mistakes as we responded to customer needs. Their work was always top notch and delivered on time.

Jason Cowell

CEO of Uiba

Blue Orange was instrumental in helping us navigate technology decisions for our project. They helped us understand the technical complexity, timeline, and cost of our requests to make our business decisions clear.

Ben Hatten

CEO Dupont Circle Solutions

We hired Blue Orange to enhance our Data Pipeline Infrastructure because of their low risk approach to delivery and competitive pricing. They efficiently established an end-to-end data pipeline for our existing cloud environment in a Snowflake warehouse using AWS where appropriate. The efficacy of Blue Orange’s integration between AWS, Snowflake and Tableau has demonstrated consistent reliability and we are able to trust and depend on the system’s architecture. We plan to continue working with their team to maintain and improve our infrastructure.

Multi-Billion Dollar Hedge Fund

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