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Data-Driven Lending

Utilize data to efficiently lend money through Blue Orange financial services. Identify qualified loanees, perform risk analysis, and provide custom loan offering via predictive analytics.

Predictive Maintenance

Determine the condition of in-service equipment and provide the best support to your customers. Improve product quality and longevity through preventative care. Identify anomalies and be proactive to reduce waste and maintenance costs.

Grid Optimization

Through Blue Orange energy solutions, companies can make their grid more efficient, safe, and cost effective for both the company and consumer. Solutions such as fault prediction, anomaly detection, and post-event analysis all enable energy companies to effectively create, manage, and distribute energy.

Arbitrage Sourcing

Identify points of arbitrage to optimize investment property opportunities, maximize ROI, and reduce investment sourcing times. Analyze real-estate markets to formulate the most accurate investment strategies possible.

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