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Predictive Modeling to tackle Agriculture’s toughest challenges.

Blue Orange integrates modern, flexible data processing tools, smart sensor technology, and predictive analytics to assist agricultural companies in achieving better harvests every growing season. Algorithmic solutions can solve agriculture’s data bottlenecks and enable farmers to better understand and manage their complex ecosystems.

Leading Data Solutions and Applications for Agriculture

Data Transformation

Get a grasp on a large variety of relevant, agriculture data: sensor, satellite, and drone data. Cloud-based processing makes it easily collect, process, and store data for further analysis. Data heterogeneity is supported out of the box and data transformation pipelines scale according to your company’s needs.

Data Visualization & Integration

Leverage collected data using popular BI solutions, customized for a variety of users. Code-free dashboards enable interactive visualizations for executives and management staff. Exploit real-time insights for monitoring areas of interest and keep crucial agriculture assets under close supervision: be it soil, water, or crop conditions.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Maximize growing conditions, automatically detect problem areas, receive real-time recommendations and minimize waste. Agricultural optimization becomes possible thanks to advanced algorithms that learn from tens of environmental variables. No need for any guesswork, when predictive models can integrate basic variables (such as temperature, humidity, and light) as well as advanced ones (earth observation data, soil & water quality measures).

Seed Selection

Predict risks as well as yields associated with specific seed varieties; integrate historical harvest data as well as local climate patterns to select the most appropriate seed mixture.
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Predictive Analytics, Blue Orange Digital

Weather Prediction

Understand local weather patterns by cross-checking station data with on-site sensor measurements; obtain increasingly accurate decision support and lay a solid foundation for further automation.

Threat Prediction

Prevent unwanted crop damage by constant monitoring of complex agricultural ecosystems; set custom alerts and monitoring dashboards to track crop health and detect early signs of infestation.

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