Data Science & MLOPS

Blue Orange experts are prepared to improve and optimize your current Analytics and BI Reporting Strategy with flexible data infrastructures that enhance the implementation, optimization, and visualization of your data for real-time enterprise reporting.

Predictive analytics and machine learning will automate your workflows so you can track the metrics that matter.

Blue Orange experts are prepared to construct the ideal machine learning architecture that will identify opportunities and reduce churn for your business as it develops. Our Data Science & MLOPs Strategy combines the latest technologies with flexible infrastructures that promote simplified management and in-depth analysis.

Service Breakdown

Information Extraction

Our experts will apply NLP and OCR, to gather insights from unstructured content such as emails, social media, and customer reviews. NLP (Natural Language Processing) defines all machine learning tasks for understanding and processing human generated text or speech that helps to decipher the meaning of unstructured data. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are tools that extract data from physical sources and translate them into structured formats (ie databases). These processes also involve classification which is a type of supervised machine learning included in our Data Science and MLOPs services.

Optimization Modeling

Blue Orange specializes in Optimization Modeling by utilizing your company’s data to unlock new channels, reduce churn, and track the metrics that matter. We will optimize workflows by utilizing data transformation and visualization that will enhance your current predictive analytics efforts. Through your Optimization Model, you will be able to access a data lake architecture that is uniform and scalable while providing relevant business intelligence.

Machine Learning Model Development

Our team will analyze, prepare, and transform your data and build powerful machine learning models using Python, R, and other leading data science tools. We will then integrate these models into your existing reporting platform, or migrate them to a new platform, so that you can gain in-depth analysis and more valuable insights.

Predictive Analytics

With a unified and flexible data environment, you will be able to utilize your data to make informed business decisions. Your predictive analytics strategy will yield the business intelligence you need for workflows like revenue forecasting, demand forecasting, anomaly detection, and more. The predictive superpowers of machine learning tools will allow you to achieve more with fewer resources so data assets can be turned into tangible operational improvements.

Featured Data Science & Machine Learning Technologies

Our data science experts are highly experienced in industry standard technologies, and stay up to date with the latest advancements to ensure you are provided with cutting edge service.

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