Financial Services

Blue Orange experts are prepared to improve and optimize your current Analytics and BI Reporting Strategy with flexible data infrastructures that enhance the implementation, optimization, and visualization of your data for real-time enterprise reporting.

Achieve deeper insights and business intelligence for your Financial Services.

Blue Orange assists financial firms in migrating, organizing, and analyzing a multitude of data streams to improve customer experience, reduce risk, and integrate smart-lending and investing.

Leading Data Solutions and Applications for Financial Services.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Data Solutions

Opportunity Discovery

Opportunity Discovery

Utilize data to identify and vet new deal opportunities. Uncover success indicators, predict growth factors, and make informed investment recommendations through a flexible data architecture.

Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Company Optimization

Facilitate the growth of your portfolio companies by optimizing processes and departments. With Blue Orange portfolio solutions, you can drive sales, optimize marketing efforts, or better manage your human resources.

Deal Scoring

Deal Scoring

Similar to a sales funnel, firms need to prioritize which opportunities need the most attention. Rank your potential investments based on well-defined criteria that lead to more closes, successful exits, and increased ROI.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Having a holistic view of the market situation and how the firm, its investments, and resources are affected can save money and time. With market analysis solutions your firm can identify key indicators and formulate relevant business strategies to prepare for whatever changes the future brings.

Banking & Credit Union Data Solutions

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Experience Optimization

Improve customer lifetime value by using marketing data to deliver timely and personalized customer experiences. Reduce customer churn, recommend relevant products, and provide elite customer service.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Product Pricing

Set your bounds and allow AI to react to real-time changes in the market and in demand to help you maximize utility and profits. Make relevant and personalized offerings to new or current customers that change dynamically based on their history and behavior.

Threat Prediction

Risk Management

Machine learning applied to risk-scoring automates your current operations, assesses the hidden potential in traditionally unlikely populations, and identifies your most profitable loan structure to segmented populations. Collect the most from delinquent customers by learning their behavior and determining which set of notices will influence payment in a timely manner by extracting valuable insights from your institution’s data.

Data Driven Lending

Data-Driven Lending

Automated ML-enhanced predictions, which learn from the data itself, result in insights that are less biased. This translates to higher model accuracy and better-informed decision making in real-time. Perform high-level due diligence and risk assessment by optimizing your institutions’s lending using predictive analytics.

Featured Data Analytics Resource

Innovative Data Strategies for Better Investments

Download our 2020 REIT Guide to Better Investments, as seen in Global Banking and Finance Review Magazine, to discover how your firm can take advantage of the best data-driven solutions to optimize investing. It is our how-to guide for reducing risk and driving profits with secure cloud environments and the application of advanced analytics.

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