Streamlining Data Pipelines and Analytics for Vetta Brands

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Client Overview

Vetta Brands, a private equity-backed leader in licensed NCAA merchandise, faced the challenge of unifying multiple ERP data sources following a series of acquisitions. The company sought to support comprehensive data analysis to enhance various business functions using PowerBI.


Vetta Brands needed to consolidate disparate data sources into a cohesive system that would support advanced analytics for demand forecasting, marketing and sales optimization, and supply chain management.

Project Goals

The project was designed with the following primary objectives:

  • Develop a Robust Data Infrastructure: Create a scalable data platform that could integrate additional data sources and support expansive machine learning projects. 
  • Enable Advanced Analytics: Implement machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics in demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. 
  • Enhance Business Intelligence Dashboards: Overhaul existing dashboards to provide real-time, actionable insights tailored to different management levels. 
  • Simplify Data and Enhance Decision Support: Streamline complex data sets into key dashboards and reports to support more informed decision-making processes. 

The Solution

Blue Orange Digital addressed these challenges through several strategic initiatives:

  • Enhanced Data Infrastructure: The team engineered a scalable data infrastructure that integrated real-time data feeds, enabling continuous updates on supply chain dynamics and market demands. This system was designed to easily accommodate future data sources and analytics projects. 
  • Advanced Analytics Integration: At the heart of the project was the deployment of advanced machine learning algorithms focused on demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. These predictive tools allowed Vetta Brands to proactively adjust their strategies based on anticipated market shifts, thereby improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards: Business intelligence dashboards were completely revamped to deliver critical insights across various levels of management. The new dashboards focused on key performance indicators in the supply chain and demand forecasting, providing a holistic view of operations and facilitating better strategic decisions. 
  • Data Simplification and Decision Support: The project also streamlined thousands of reporting tables into essential dashboards and reports, making data more accessible and actionable. Additionally, ongoing training sessions were conducted to empower users to fully utilize these new tools effectively. 

Technologies Used

  • Azure: We leveraged modern lake house standards in designing a modern data architecture. 
  • PowerBI: Utilized for developing advanced dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: Employed for predictive analytics in demand forecasting and supply chain management. 

Business Impact

The new data infrastructure and analytics capabilities provided Vetta Brands with several significant benefits:

  • Improved Forecasting Accuracy: Enhanced predictive analytics led to more accurate demand forecasts, allowing for better inventory management and reduced waste. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined data systems and predictive insights optimized supply chain operations, reducing costs and improving service delivery. 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: With access to real-time insights and simplified data tools, Vetta Brands’ management could make informed decisions quickly, enhancing responsiveness to market changes. 


This project not only transformed Vetta Brands’ data handling capabilities but also set a new standard for operational excellence within the company. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic data integration, Vetta Brands enhanced its ability to navigate the competitive landscape of licensed NCAA merchandise effectively.