Blue Orange Digital’s CEO Discusses “What Sets Us Apart” with Clutch

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“Blue Orange Digital was launched with the simple initiative to make it easier and cheaper for companies to utilize, own, and unlock the profit potential hidden in their data.”

— CEO, Blue Orange Digital

Five years ago, Blue Orange Digital set out to shake up the data management game. “Blue Orange Digital was founded with the goal of simplifying how companies took advantage of their data,” our CEO says. “Our aim was to build a team that could guide our clients on how to improve decision-making using integrated predictive analytics and process automation.”

Our focus has always been on using our analytics and machine learning skills to make a positive impact on organizations around the world. “It’s incredible what can be done when we combine predictive modeling, large data sets, and robust computing power.”

“These predictive models are no crystal ball, but when organizations are making important decisions at scale, a 10-30% improvement in accuracy has a major impact on their long-term success. We are proud to make these solutions possible for our clients.”

Since 2015, we’ve had several opportunities to apply these solutions to our clients’ businesses. “From Fortune 100s to scaling startups, we look for clients where we can have the greatest impact.”

Several of those customers have left reviews for us on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. In one recent project, we supplied staff augmentation services for an AI company.

Our engineers helped deliver a range of services that left our client extremely satisfied.

“They are truly committed to technical excellence and, beyond simply providing what is required of them, doing everything they can to make your project successful.”

— CEO, ArthurAI

So, what makes our team so effective? “Blue Orange Digital has a particular knack for unpacking complex and messy data architecture and upgrading them to more modern cloud-based solutions.”

Our CEO continues, “We apply a big-picture approach from the bottom up, that targets business growth as the ultimate measure of our success and clarifies priorities for all involved, making Blue Orange a reliable co-development partner.”

As for advice to other entrepreneurs looking for success similar to Blue Orange Digital’s, he has a few words. “I believe perseverance is one of the most underrated components of a successful company. As a founder, this means deferring profit in order to invest in long-term success. As a team, this mandates a do-what-it-takes attitude in every circumstance.”

“There are many factors that contributed to the success of Blue Orange Digital: luck, timing, hard work, strategy, and teamwork. But perseverance and persistence have been foundational underlying factors.”

Head on over to our profile on Clutch to see why we were recognized among the Top 10 AI Developers in New York. You can also find us on their sister site, The Manifest, another useful platform that helps businesses stand out from the crowd.

As always, if you’re looking to learn more about our service line and get help maximizing your data, we here at Blue Orange Digital are available to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today!