IBM thinkLeaders podcast Features Blue Orange Digital CEO Josh Miramant on AI to Improve Employee Experiences

AI & Machine Learning

Having AI & humans work in tandem to improve employee experiences feat. Josh Miramant & Joe Ciuffo

IBM thinkLeaders with Josh Miramant

How can AI better serve as a companion for employees to improve efficiency and quality? Are companies applying AI to the right problems? How has the narrative around AI changed in recent years?

In this episode of IBM thinkLeaders podcast, we are joined by guests Josh Miramant (CEO of Blue Orange Digital) & Joe Ciuffo (Product Marketing Director for Genesys). We talk to Josh and Joe about using AI to improve the employee experience, focusing on core problems with AI, getting employee buy-in by better explaining its benefits, and also how society’s impression of AI has gone from the threatening Terminator to the helpful Pokemon.

Hosted by Amanda Thurston & Emily Winchurch.

“The actual adoption of successful artificial intelligence is directly related to how people understand it and use it.”

—Josh Miramant, CEO of Blue Orange Digital

“I think we first saw it [AI] maybe as Terminator, everyone was afraid it was going to take over the world. And now it’s more like a cute Pokemon. It’s there to help you. So it’s been a good transition, but I think our expectations are getting more realistic and grounded too.”

—Joe Ciuffo, Product Marketing Director for Genesys