Unify Transactional and Analytical Data with Snowflake Unistore

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A common struggle that had slowed down how organizations work with data, was the separation of transactional and analytical data. This was something that limited the capacity to process queries faster but now it belongs to the past. Snowflake has developed Unistore–the workload that brings transactional and analytical data together into a single platform. 

Now organizations can leverage a single data set to successfully deploy applications and keep track of their analytical and transactional data as they operate. This seemingly simple change will enable access to new opportunities for business owners and organizations and lead to rapid growth. 

Understanding Unistore 

Unistore is a workload that was developed with one purpose: to eliminate the frustrations that organizations face when moving data across systems. Sometimes they need to maintain redundant data sets across multiple solutions unnecessarily. Making the data available in one place simplifies the work process, and makes results easy to manage and communicate to other team members. 

However, Snowflake offers much more than just the unification of data in one place with Unistore. It gives organizations the capability to build transactional business applications without leaving Snowflake. Well-known companies such as UiPath, Wolt, and Adobe have already adopted Unistore for their services on use cases such as enhancing their online stores and storing application states for pipelines. 

The Benefits of Unistore 

Behind Unistore lies the simple principle of removing data silos which has proven successful in other approaches to data. By creating a space where analytical and transactional data is brought together, Snowflake is providing a workload with four core benefits: 

  • Unifies Data in a Single Dataset for Rapid Development. Organizations can integrate analytical and transactional data in a single dataset, which opens ways to improve almost any area of their work. This leads to enhanced customer experiences, faster responses, and new enriched insights on data. 
  • Simplifies the Development of Transactional Apps. Organizations can build transactional apps on Snowflake capable of handling enterprise-sized data with maximum performance and simplicity. Those who’ve worked with Snowflake’s Data Cloud can expect an unmatched similar experience with Unistore. 
  • Removes Silos Between Analytical and Transactional Data. Building transactional applications and working with both analytical and transactional data is made easier. This means that data workers can directly run analytical queries in real-time to work with transactional data.
  • Consolidates Analytical and Transactional Systems. There’s no more need to copy or move data from one platform to the other. Moreover, Unistore allows you to standardize governance and security controls and produce simpler architectures. 

Data workers and developers will find the development of new technologies easier by working with Unistore and Snowflake. The financial space handles complicated and important data and it seems like companies are paying attention to it. Databricks Lakehouse has also approached this area successfully.

How Does Unistore Enable Analytical and Transactional Use Cases

Application developers need fast and compatible platforms that enable them to process transactional data with the proper capabilities. Unistore introduces Hybrid Tables to help developers achieve this without lowering the performance. Snowflake has built a row-based storage engine that allows fast single-row operations to happen, which means that the applications can be built directly on Snowflake. 

However, when we talk about leveraging Snowflake in a much smarter way, this doesn’t include only the capability to build applications directly on Snowflake. Transactional data is important for extracting business insights and Unistore allows you to perform analytical computations directly on this analytical data. Done the old way, this meant you had to upload this data into Snowflake from external databases but now the data is in one place and you can even run real-time queries on live data. 

Final Thoughts

Unistore is an excellent workload powered by Snowflake’s Data Cloud. This means that besides the benefits we mentioned when working with transactional data, you’ll benefit from the security controls and data governance among others. 

If this sounds like something you’d want in your organization, Blue Orange Digital can assist you. We’re official partners of Snowflake Services and can cater to your data needs. Schedule a short call with us today for more information.